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Please write the word "Lighting" in the "DESIGNATION" field of the online giving page.


As your looking through these pictures, keep in mind that these are not merely lighting fixtures. They are tools.


Tools used to create an atmosphere conducive for worship; much like a stain glass window would when the sun reflects through it.


These tools will give us the ability to create a space that will help in separating ourselves from the weekly grind and find ourselves in a place that sets us up for an encounter with God.


In the previous slides you were viewing tools that will provide color to beautify what is simply a gymnasium; the fourth slide shows a tool that will highlight someone preaching God’s word, playing an instrument, or singing a worship song.

Also keep in mind that with the new technology we will also save money on energy cost that we can use in other areas of ministry.


You have likely witnessed the improvement in the quality of our livestream audio and processing. The addition of these tools will improve the visual aspect and will remove the distraction of dark places on the stage, or a face that’s half lit. It will help our worshippers focus on what’s really important… God.

Thank you for your time in watching the video above and for your prayerful consideration of how you can be a part of this step towards excellence in ministry for Central Church.

Please write the word "Lighting" in the "DESIGNATION" field of the online giving page.